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Different Types of Hair Brushes

October 13, 2021

Afsennah Amini

Article: Different Types of Hair Brushes

Different Types of Hair Brushes

Different Types of Hair Brushes

Hair Basics

Hey hey! Welcome back my hair loving besties! I am back with a new blog to add to our hair basic series...exciting I know! Well, i will be discussing about a very basic but important topic… HAIRBRUSHES! You all are probably wondering what is there to discuss about hair brush.. right? I thought the same until I dug deep into hairbrushes. Every hair brush is different and specific there are so many on the market! For beautiful locks you must ensure you use the correct hairbrush and take care of it… did you know dirty hairbrush can lead to hair loss… horror! Surely non of us want hair loss and that to by neglecting our hair brushes! So to find out more.. keep reading besties! 

How to clean your brushes! 

First I will explain a step by step on how to clean your brushes to ensure their good to use!  

  1. Remove all the hair! 
  2. Fill your sink with some hot water 
  3. Pour some Apple Cider Vinegar 
  4. Put all your dirty brushes and combs that need to be washed. 
  5. Wait 30 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water! 

How nice and simple was that! Clean brushes can do wonders for your hair besties! Now, let me explain the different types of brushes and their uses! 

Did you know using the right hair brush can change your hair game, now how amazing does that sound!  

Different brushes 

Tangle Teezer 

  • Great brush for detangling! 
  • It works amazing on wet and dry hair 
  • It is suitable for all hair types! 

Wooden comb/brush 

  • Perfect for frizzy and static hair, yay! 
  • Wooden brushes and combs help condition your hair 
  • Control dandruff 

Curved Brush Wet Edition

  • Great at detangling hair 
  • Wet hair approved 
  • Smooths your hair  
  • For all hair types yay!  

Curved Brush

  • Great for detangling brush 
  • Smooths out hair, bye bye flyaways! 
  • Amazing brush my absolute favourite! 
  • Suitable for all hair types! 

Denham Brush

  • Great for detangling your locks 
  • Suited for wavy and curly hair 
  • Perfect for applying product directly to your hair! 

Wide Tooth Comb

  • Detangles hair 
  • Perfect to get loose and bouncy curls after using the curling iron 
  • Some are made of carbon which is static and frizz free  
  • Suitable for all hair types! 

Round Brush

  • Perfect for a blowout!
  • The bigger the brush the more volume!
  • Suitable for all hair types!

Now that we have discussed, change your hair game now! Ensure you use the right hair brushes for healthy luscious locks!  

Tip when brushing your hair

My hair loving besties don’t forget how important it is to brush your hair the correct way! What does that mean? Well that means to work your way ip by staring at the end of your hair, this will help you get tangle free! If you start brushing from the roots it will pull the hair out of the hair follicile…horror! So for healthy luscious locks, no split ends and no breakage ensure you brush starting from the bottom!!! SAVE YOUR LOCKS FROM DAMAGES BESTIES!!! 

Here we come to an end once again my hair loving friends… I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I loved writing this for you all! Yay to more hair posts and be sure to check out other blogs on my site… you wont be let down I promise! One more step closer to our amazing hair transformations. Consistency is key! Keep going. Till next time, lots of love Afsennah!