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Benefits of the Hair Growth Oil

December 29, 2022

Staff RS

Article: Benefits of the Hair Growth Oil

Benefits of the Hair Growth Oil

Benefits of the Hair Growth Oil

The Custom Hair Growth Solution is formulated specific for you hair type, scalp and hair condition.This solution is perfect for when you want

  1. Longer hair ( hair growth) 
  2. Regrow bald patches  
  3. Healthier Scalp 
  4. Healthier hair starting from the roots 
  5. Thick hair from the roots 

Apply the oil (preferable after using the hair & scalp roller) on your scalp. Massage it for 3-5 minutes and wrap your hair with plastic/cling film (this way the oil won’t dry out on your hair and your scalp can absorb the oil better into the hair follicles). Leave the oil for minimum 4 hours to do it’s magic. For best results leave overnight. Wash your hair as usual. Use once a week in combination with the hair& scalp roller and/or 2-3 times without the hair& scalp roller.

Tip: Use a coffee rinse before using shampoo to wash out the oil thoroughly. On my IG you can find the tutorial.