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How to use Conditioner the right way!

August 11, 2021

Afsennah Amini

Article: How to use Conditioner the right way!

How to use Conditioner the right way!

How to use Conditioner the right way!

Hey besties!

I know one thing we all love and dream of is having amazing hair! So do you know how conditioner can transform your hair and make your hair game even better? Let me help you!

Firstly, after you have shampooed your hair, you must squeeze all the excess water out your hair and then apply your favorite conditioner or even better a hair mask! This is so your conditioner doesn’t slip and slide so, you can benefit from the conditioner the most, and have healthy luscious hair!

Did you know using too much conditioner can have a negative impact on your hair? So, it’s important to use conditioner based on the length of your gorgeous hair, the thickness of your hair and lastly your hair structure. Using too much conditioner can in fact lead to hair loss, similarly using too little conditioner can leave your hair dry therefore it’s super important to know those factors mentioned above when using conditioner! And of course my curly haired girls and boys would need more conditioner due to the structure of their hair!! 

Also not to mention do not get tangled up with using your conditioner the wrong way as you will not achieve the desired look! Confusing… let me tell you, you must ensure you DO NOT apply conditioner to your roots as this can have a massive impact on weighing your hair down, making it look like a grease ball, which I’m sure we don’t want! And losing our hair volumeee, likeeeee whaaatt!! The horror! So my besties it’s important to keep in mind the above points when applying conditioner to get beautiful hair! 

Deep condition like a pro! 

So my hair loving besties, I bet every single one of us reading this would look FLAWLESS SILKY LOCKS… just like we achieve once leaving the salon right! Well let me explain how you can do that in the comfort of your own home! Keep reading… 

I highly recommend to deep condition your hair once a week as I’m aware all of us want healthy strong luscious locks! Want to know more… keep reading! 

Firstly, besties you will need to have freshly washed hair, so the hair products can soak into your hair properly! So, step 1 ensure your hair is clean, then choose your favorite hair mask  either protein or moisture based… of course whichever suits your hair type! Next apply it on to the lengths of your hair (DO NOT APPLY TO YOUR ROOTS) and ensure you put extra focus on the ends! Then apply a heat cap for 30 minutes OR a hot towel and use a blow dryer to apply heat directly to your head! VOILA! All done! How quick and simple was that right? YAY to healthy strong hair! 

Anyways, I hope you guys have enjoyed my little post! So besties let’s begin using conditioner the correct way to achieve all our hair goals!! Yay to more posts! More hair help is on its way, so do check back! 

Lots of love Afsennah!