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DIY Watermelon Hair Mask

December 29, 2022

Staff RS

Article: DIY Watermelon Hair Mask

DIY Watermelon Hair Mask

DIY Watermelon Hair Mask

Hey my hair loving besties! I am back with a new blog! Today we will discuss an interesting hair mask that will give you healthy and immense shine! WOW doesn’t that just sound amazing! Well, my besties did you know left over watermelon is filled with amazing properties that can in fact give you amazing results so, don’t waste! What does this mean? Well, let me explain exactly what you need so continue reading.

For this hair mask you will need:

  • Leftover watermelon 
  • Yoghurt 
  • Custom Hair Care
  • Agave 

Once you have these ingredients mix mix mix ! Apply on your hair evenly don’t miss anything! Then, after 30 minutes wash out!   

Now we have the recipe out the way, let me explain the benefits of these amazing ingredients we can find in the comfort our own home, how amazing! 

In excess watermelon you will find citrulline, this nutrient helps increase levels of amino acid known as arginine in your body, how cool right! Well arginine is known for promoting blood circulation particularly within the scalp and this is super beneficial for faster hair growth!  

Yoghurt is amazing as it has inherent cooling and anti- inflammatory properties which fits perfectly for an ideal hair care regime!  

Next is my favorite, the Custom Hair Care, this brings back natural shine and strengthens your hair ! It gives your luscious locks life! A real game changer (order via website).  

Lastly, Agave is super hydrating and adding it to a home made hair mask (or even just adding it to your daily conditioner) can help prevent dryness and help strengthen your hair, so you don’t have to worry about breakage and split ends.. how cool I know! 

Anyways, that’s all for now who knew these ingredients were so powerful in helping strengthen and grow our beautiful locks! I hope you enjoyed this little post as much as I loved writing it! Do share your results over on Instagram with me (@Afsennah) Till next time, lots of love from your hair loving guru Afsennah!