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Hair Loss

January 01, 2021

Afsennah Amini

Article: Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hey welcome back my hair loving besties!

I am back again with another hot topic that has been on the agenda for some time, you wouldn’t have guessed… today we will discuss HAIR-LOSS! Hair loss is a very distressing and upsetting thing to experience trust me I understand fully. Odds are many of us here today are suffering from hair-loss or have suffered from hair loss and believe me it could be caused from the simplest of things for instance, having an iron deficiency. Want to know more… continue to read I will share EVERYTHING with you. YAY to more hair help!  

So, lets discuss first how much hair loss is actually normal! Many of us may brush again and again and have an increase in hair fall each time but it may well be it’s actually in the ‘normal range’ so to find out more…. Keep reading!  

How much hair loss is normal?   

Loosing 50-100 strands per day is normal my besties so don’t worry! But if you lose more than 100 strands per day you have excessive hair loss, how scary but it’s fine my hair loving friends I will teach you how to prevent hair loss from occurring in the first place!

To help keep our hair-loss under control we must find the underlying reasons as to why hair-loss occurs so hold tight and continue to read! Afsennah to the rescue!

Potential reasons for your hair-loss 

Did you know using random hair products could be one of the reasons you are facing hair loss? I cannot stress how important it is to check the ingredient list before you decide to purchase any hair product, the pros of this is it can save you MONEY and most importantly SAVE your locks!   

Confused on which products are right for your hair type? Do not worry check previous blog on ‘hair types. Using random hair products can have a detrimental impact on your luscious locks and your scalp!  


 Next, hair loss could be caused by having a deficiency in vitamin D, zinc and iron! These nutrients play a vital role when it comes to achieving healthy hair and a healthy scalp so, if you lack any of these you could face hair loss! However, do not worry these deficiencies can easily be helped through the right foods and vitamin tablets! Just remember consistency is key! Not eating enough protein per day can be a reason for hair loss… (it is recommended to eat 1 gram per kg bodyweight everyday).  

Weak hair follicles  

We haven’t finished yet my besties, another reason for hair-loss could be due to your hair follicles being too weak and not strong enough to grow the hairs! Surprising I know… many of you reading are probably thinking wow, I thought hair would just grow on it’s own as who would have ever thought hair follicles could be weak and need some attention!  

Well besties, look no further, let me explain. In fact I have a solution to help you strengthen your hair follicles… how? Well, its beneficial to topically derma-roll and oil with the right ingredients for your specific hair and scalp… what are you thinking? Let me tell you, you do not need to go and make your own oils or hunt genuine derma rollers. Just check my website (shop). I can tailor your custom hair oils to meet your hair type and scalp needs! Couldn’t get better than that right? Let’s transform our hair together besties and tackle these hair loss issues!  

How to prevent hair loss 

Now, let me explain how to prevent hair loss occurring initially!  

This may be obvious but you must: 

  • wash your hair brushes regularly… many are wondering why am I stating the obvious but it is so important to ensure your brushes are clean! Many of us forget due to our busy schedules or day to day lives but please wash your brushes!! To help set reminders in your phone so you do not forget!  
  • Limit hair tools to ONCE a week, I know we all love straightening, curling or blow drying our hair as we love big luscious locks but besties over-styling can lead to hair loss! Also besties, ensure you use a heat protector every-time you use heat, never miss! Custom hair care solution is a strong heat protecter you can order from the website. Protecting your locks is significant and can highly reduce your hair fall out.  
  • Using gently scrunchies is essential in your hair journey as using harsh tight elastic bands can put a strain on your hair and pull and tug leading to excessive hair loss.. horror!  
  • Scalp massages.. did you know scalp massages are amazing at stimulating hair growth? Massaging your scalp leads to stronger hair by activating the hair follicles.  
  • One of the best ways to reduce hair loss massively is through using oils that are specific to your hair type and needs! As mentioned in previous blogs, I provide custom hair oils that can be used at least once a week! These customised unique oils can help   tackle your hair issues.. wow, amazing right!   

Hair loss remedy (Fenugreek seed) 

My hair loving besties alongside all the useful help above I have a special DIY using an ingredient you can find in your cupboards…how awesome right? Well continue reading to find out more! 

For this DIY you will need:  

  • Boiling water (500ml) 
  • Fenugreek Seeds (2tbsp) 
  • Coconut Oil (1 tbsp) 

So now we got our ingredients.. lets move on to the fun part. Let me explain how to make this DIY from the comfort of your own home!  

Firstly, boil the water then put the seeds and water in a blender whilst adding the coconut oil. Blend blend blend! Now comes the fun stuff.. apply to your hair and let it sit for 2 hours! Once 2 hours are up.. jump into the shower and wash out 2-3 times with shampoo.  

Furthermore, let me explain how often to use this amazing DIY..  

Besties, for the 1st week use this method 2 times and then ONCE a week for 1 month! Remember to trust the process… it will get better just keep going, consistency is key!  

Postpartum Hair loss  

I would also like to touch up on POSTPARTUM hair loss for a lot of ladies suffering from loosing all this hair after bringing their little angels into this world! It can be distressing and devastating shedding hair on top of all the other billion hormonal and physical changes but don’t worry ladies I got you! Some key information to be mindful off is to remember: 

  • Keep excercising- gently and moderate! 
  • Eating healthy foods rich in iron and vitamin d 
  • Taking your vitamins (vitamin d, folic acid, zinc and iron) 
  • Lastly, using the hair and scalp roller once a week in combination with the hair growth solution! As its tailored its beneficial in targeting your needs!  

So my besties, that concludes today’s horrific topic on hair loss! Hair loss can be distressing but I hope these useful tips can help us all! Remember, consistency is key and trust the process! Don’t give up, it will and can take time trust me but will be worth it when we achieve beautiful locks! YAY to more hair help! Keep going, till next time, lots of love Afsennah.