All About Hair & More

The results of a hair journey differs from person to person. Most will see difference within 4 weeks when using the product consistently and correctly. It’s also important that everybody has their own starting point and their own goals they want to achieve. If you havent seen improved hair growth after 6 months, please sent an e-mail and I will dive deeper into it. (It’s important to have before and after pictures!). It’s strongly recommended to use the Hair & Scalp Roller in combination with the Custom Hair Growth Solution.

Your hair started falling out because of a certain deficiency. When your hair grows back because of The Custom Hair Growth Solution it means it needs the nutrients. The frequent application for the Hair Growth Solution is 2x a week, but when you have achieved what you want you can apply the Hair Growth Solution 1x per 2 weeks.

For the Custom Hair Care Solution you will need to continue using to maintain the results.

All the Custom Hair Oils are made from scratch. Since it’s custom there is no one ingredients list. There are some ingredients that I use a base like Coconut, Olive, Castor, Argan, Cactus, Jojoba, Fenugreek en Nigella. And there are like 99 other ingredients that I blend with it to make it work for your specific hair. ( you will get the ingredient list with your order).

When you want to dye your hair (and you don’t dye your hair on a regular basis) please keep in mind that your hair needs can change. This can mean that your hair needs other ingredients than before. This is mainly for the Custom Hair Care Solution than the Custom Hair Growth Solution.

If you do dye your hair on a regular basis your hair is already used to it and the ingredients will still be effective for your hair!

No it should not have any side effects, because we are also asking your allergies before making the custom hair oils. It is strongly recommended to first apply a tiny but on the back of your elbow to see how you skin reacts (just for prevention.

There are two Custom Hair Oils (1. Custom Hair Growth Solution and 2. Custom Hair Care Solution). Since its custom made you don’t need to worry about the formulation (that’s on me).

—>If you want hair growth, thicker hair and/or regrow hair you will need the Custom Hair Growth Solution ( it’s meant

—> If you want luscious healthy hair you will need the Custom Hair Care Solution (it’s meant for the hair length).

Note: If you want to get the most out of your hair transformation journey I really recommend to order the Custom Hair Care Oil, Custom Hair Growth Oil and Hair & Scalp Roller. ( And also the Silk Pillowcase if you don’t have any!)

What is Surcharge?

At the moment I only provide payment via PayPal and trough bank transfer. Paypal charges a fee of 5% and some banks also charge a fee. The fees are unfortunately for your own account.