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The Impact of Hard Water on Hair & Scalp

October 19, 2021

Afsennah Amini

Article: The Impact of Hard Water on Hair & Scalp

The Impact of Hard Water on Hair & Scalp

The Impact of Hard Water on Hair & Scalp

Hair Basics: HARD WATER! 

Welcome my hair loving besties, I am back with a very interesting blog… a topic that probably wouldn’t cross most people’s minds when looking after their hair! Did you know having hard water can have an impact on your overall hair and skin! Confused…. Let me explain!

Hard water has a huge impact on your hair and skin health, hair structure, hair color and even on the way your skin and haircare products work! In essence, you could be spending a huge amount of money investing in products which don’t actually give you full benefits due to the water manipulating the results! I mean who would want that, certainly not any of us right? Want to know more, continue reading besties!

So, let me explain some of the symptoms of having hard water.

Symptoms of hard water  

These symptoms include:  

  • Hair loss.. horror! 
  • Eczema 
  • Shampoo not lathering 
  • Hair masks/ conditioners not moisturising your locks!  
  • Frizzy ends… urgh 
  • Lacking definition 
  • Dull 
  • Breakage 
  • Difficulty brushing 
  • Dry scalp/ skin 
  • Flaky roots 
  • Fading hair color and so much more!  

Now, that we have discussed the symptoms you are now able to see if you are facing some or all of these symptoms!  

Now you are probably wondering how do I change this? Well my besties let me help you! 

3 ways to change hard water 

  1. Purchasing a water filter: did you know this is the most inexpensive way yet still hugely effective! After every shower, you can easily rinse your hair with filtered water. This way it will lock in the moisture and give you the most benefits of using your hair products! Win win right! 
  1. Shower filter: these are accessible and can easily be purchased for your taps to give you nice and soft water giving positive results for your skin and hair! I mean what more would you want! 
  1. Water Softener System: lastly, besties you can get an overall water softener, this is one of the best way to soften all the water in your house. How incredible right!  

So, my hair loving friends, above I have shared some useful ways to change horrible water into beautiful soft water that your skin and hair will thank you for! Remember, every step towards your hair journey is essential and can make even the slightest of difference! Now, I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I loved writing this for you all! Keep sharing your hair transformations and YAY to more hair help! Thank you so much once again! That’s all for now. Lots of love, Afsennah!