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Common Hair Issues | Itchy Scalp

November 23, 2021

Afsennah Amini

Article: Common Hair Issues | Itchy Scalp

Common Hair Issues | Itchy Scalp

Common Hair Issues | Itchy Scalp

Hey there besties! I am back with another blog how exciting! Today I am here to inform you on a hot topic which is having an itchy scalp! The frustration is understandable.. I’ve been there myself where I can’t take my hands out my head! Did you know an itchy scalp can lead to hair loss.. shocking! However, Don’t worry though my besties I’ve got all the reasons as to why you could be experiencing this awful issue and even better, some solutions so, you can start or continue with your beautiful transformations yay! Not to mention though, you must understand why your scalp is itchy to help treat it effectively! If you are concerned about your scalp being too itchy you could seek advice from a dermatologist OR follow my steps below!  

So first things first let me explain the reasons! Some common reason could be:  

  • Dandruff
  • A reaction to a hair product
  • Scalp psoriasis

I bet you all have suffered or are suffering from one of those issue above… don’t worry its normal! To learn more about some remedies to tackle these issues continue reading you won’t regret it! 

 So, lets start

  • Using a coffee scrub in your shampoo once every two weeks is the most simplest yet effective way of helping with an itchy scalp as it gets rid of dead skin cells and help wash away hair products you may have used throughout the week! If you haven’t already check (scalp scrubs) to learn more! 
  • Next… you can use the amazing ‘Apple Cider Vinegar’ (ACV) You are probably thinking how can that awful smelling thing help! Well let me explain…. ACV diluted with a bit of water can help your scalp in ways you cannot imagine.. how? Well when mixing ACV with water (1/2 a cup) and pouring into a spray bottle then directly applying to your scalp can help relieve the itch.. isn’t this what we all want an itch free scalp! Then, once your scalp is fully sprayed with the ACV wait till its completely dry and then wash it out with only water for best results! VOILA! (you could use shampoo if you really want!) That simple yay! Also, on the lengths of your hair you can actually use a hair conditioner or even better a hair mask to get silky locks!  
  • Last but not least, oiling your scalp will do wonders (refer to ‘hot oil treatments’) especially using custom hair oils as these are individualized haircare oils to help target your unique hair and its issues.. doesn’t that just sound so fun! Well oiling your scalp with the customs can relieve the itchiness and help with hair growth… long luscious locks just imagine! Remember healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp as that is the foundation for your hair to do its magic and do wonders! Don’t wait, order now!  

Anyways my hair loving friends, that’s the end to another fun read! I hope you are enjoying these, let me know your thoughts and share your experiences if you decide to use any of the above remedies! YAY to more hair help, one step to more healthy, beautiful locks! Sending my love, till next time angels! Afsennah