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Why does Hair need proteins?

November 28, 2021

Afsennah Amini

Article: Why does Hair need proteins?

Why does Hair need proteins?

Why does Hair need proteins?

Hey my hair loving besties, guess who is back again with another fun little blog for you all to enjoy! So, today I will be sharing some tips on how to identify if your hair needs protein and similarly, share some useful tips on how to treat your hair if it faces protein overload! Remember before anything its key to know what your hair needs (do check hair type blog). Knowing your hair type will help identify if you need moisture or protein! Then you can work on balancing as too much or too little protein can have a drastic effects on your hair and cause brittle hair, hair loss and other negative effects. 

Let me explain how to identify if your hair needs protein: 

  • Your hair has lost its natural shine and looks dull 
  • Hair feels dry and rough 
  • Hair has high porosity and high elasticity 

Now let me explain some useful tips to consider to help my besties whos hair is craving protein! 

  • Firstly use protein rich hair products, some good examples include the loreal hair mask due to the amazing ingredients it contains as well as the shea moisture Jamaican castor oil (my all time fave shampoo for high porosity hair, also has amazing ingredients and helps those who need protein). 
  • A fenugreek hair rinse can help massively at the end of your shower routine, leaving a hair rinse for 10 minutes can have a positive impact of providing an  essential of protein for beautiful results. 

 Now my hair loving friends we have discussed how to help those who need protien but be careful sometimes using too much protien can inact lead to ‘protein overload’.  

Most of you are maybe wondering what is protein overload right? Simply, protein overload is when your hair has too much protein so the moisture and protein levels are unbalanced. Did you know protein overload can cause hair loss, brittle and damaged hair So, lets fix that! Continue reading… 

How to identify if you are having protein overload: 

  • Start by using a clarifying shampoo some examples include, ‘Morrocon Oil clarifying shampoo’, or the ‘As I Am Clarity shampoo’.  
  • Ensure you deep condition your locks! (moisture based, check previous blog on how to identify if your product has moisture or protein). Deep condition for 30 minutes using a heat cap for maximum results! Some examples of moisture based deep conditioners include ‘Garnier Aloe Vera Hair Food or the ‘As I Am Hydration Elevation’ 
  • Last but not least is to stop using protein products for 1 month as this is giving your hair a mini break! In this time use nourishing products to elevate your hair! 

Anyways, my besties that’s all for today! I hope you are well informed now and choose the right products for you! I mean we all learn something new everyday so, why not make it a new fact about hair each day, an investment for a lifetime! Who wouldn’t want beautiful locks right! I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing! Continue sharing your transformation, till next time. Lots of love Afsennah