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Custom Made Hair Oils

For your Specific Hair Type


got shinier hair with reduced breakage and split ends*

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Custom Hair Care

In 3 Easy Steps

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Step 1

Place your order.

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Step 2

Complete consultation form
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Step 3

Receive your custom
formulated hair oil.

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Trichologically formulated

For all hair types

Shipping worldwide

Cruelty free NOT tested on animals

100% Natural ingredients

Free from harsh ingredients

Meet The Founder

Meet The Founder

My hair was my biggest insecurity

When I tell people my hair used to look so bad, and it was my biggest insecurity they never believe me. I can understand because if you look at my hair now it is long, healthy and not bad at all!  My own journey began in my teenage years with hair loss, bald patches, and scalp eczema. Happy I don’t have those issues anymore and now I am here to help others with their scalp & hair issues!


Made From 100% Natural Ingredients

All our natural ingredients are carefully curated and sourced from our trusted partners across the world to bring you the best that our nature has to offer. Because your hair deserves nothing but the best.


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Absolutely worth it!
Absolutely worth it!

I have been struggling with postpartum scalp dryness and seborrheic dermatitis for over a year now. I have tried every product on the shelf and nothing has worked until I tried this scalp oil! I’m only a few uses in and I my scalp dryness and irritation is almost completely gone!


such an amazing set!
such an amazing set!

LOVE the consistency, does not weigh my hair down at all and absolutely love the shine! It's a bit too soon to show results, but I will definitely share when I have my after picture in 3months!


absolutely love it
absolutely love it

I started using the custom scalp oil and absolutely love it but now that I’ve purchased the hair oil - this pair is PERFECT! My hair is soft and I look forward to doing my weekly oil treatments. I’m excited to be on my healthy hair journey!


amazing set, easy to use
amazing set, easy to use

amazing set, easy to use and most important the results are great! Like Afsennah always says, consistency is key!


I can not live without it!
I can not live without it!

been using this set for a year and I can not live without it! As soon as I stop this routine I just feel my hair is becoming weaker, so I will use these two forever to keep my hair long and healthy!


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